DUI Services in Glendale, AZ

The path to overcoming a DUI can be difficult. The process can be made even more difficult by the complicated steps you have to go through afterwards. To relieve your burden even a little, Maricopa County Counseling Services offers all of the DUI services that you require in one place.

From Start to Finish Guidance

If you’ve recently received a DUI in Glendale, AZ, you may be scared and confused. What are you supposed to do next to get the help you need? Where are you supposed to go? We can guide you through the process.

First, you’ll need to have a certified DUI screening. This is a face-to-face interview with one of our DUI program counselors. Don’t worry; you won’t be judged or reprimanded by our caring staff. You will simply be asked some questions so that we can best assist you with your treatment.

The next step is to report the results of this screening to the Motor Vehicle Department. Again, we will do all of the work for you and ensure that your information is properly processed.

Finally, if you have to participate in DUI education and recovery programs that are required by the court, our team can assist you. Our Glendale, AZ, facility offers a wide range of DUI programs that can fulfill any court-ordered requirement.

We can even walk you through the steps needed to have your driver’s license reinstated after your treatments are complete. Until you are healthy and fit to return to the roads, we can provide all necessary DUI services in one location.

Compassionate Counseling

We know that each individual and their situation is unique, so we treat you with the respect and care that you deserve. DUIs are an unfortunate mistake caused by reckless behavior, but with our help, you can overcome challenges and avoid DUIs in the future.

One bad move doesn’t have to ruin your life. Let Maricopa County Counseling Services be there for you throughout the road to recovery. Call (623) 463-2582 today.