Anxiety and Depression Counseling for Phoenix

At Maricopa County Counseling Services, Inc., you can find help and relief from depression and anxiety. We offer anxiety and depression counseling services to patients in the Phoenix area. Even if you’ve never attended counseling or therapy before, you can rely on us to provide caring help that will help you overcome the struggles you’re facing.

Learn How to Cope With Depression

Depression is common in adolescents and young adults, but it can strike anyone at any time. If you’ve been feeling down and lethargic for a long time, or if a tragic event has caused you a great deal of heartache, depression counseling services from Maricopa Counseling can help you regain a sense of purpose.

For some people, simply talking through depression with a counselor can help them to feel better and more in control of their lives. For others, medication can be a lifesaving tool in the battle against depression.

If you make an appointment with a counselor from Maricopa Counseling, we can help you get started on the path to tackling your depression, no matter what that means for you.

Take Charge of Anxiety

Anxiety disorders can make even the simplest everyday tasks difficult. Sometimes, anxiety makes it difficult to even get out of bed in the morning.

Whether you’re struggling with generalized anxiety that has no real cause or you simply don’t feel equipped to handle the stressors in your everyday life, anxiety counseling services can help. We can help you identify triggers that cause your anxiety and help you reduce or work around them.

With the help of a counselor, you can also learn how to control the symptoms of anxiety, such as difficulty breathing or an upset stomach, by learning relaxation techniques that you can employ anytime, anywhere.

Give us a call at (623) 462-2582 to learn more about our depression and anxiety counseling services in Phoenix. We look forward to hearing from you.